My research concerns the material and symbolic ways in which memory, records, and archives are made to discard peoples and histories under colonialism. I work primarily on Israel and Palestine in Archival Studies, Memory Studies, and Settler-Colonial Studies. I am also interested in visual research methods that combine academic and art praxis—photography especially.

Currently, I am working on my dissertation research titled “Dwelling on The Past: Memory, Discard, and Dispossession at The City of David National Park,” which explores how settlers in East Jerusalem use memory to give purpose and meaning to a territorial project in Palestinian East Jeruslaem. 

As a member of LAP (Librarians and Archivists with Palestine), I composed a syllabus titled Under Pressure: Representation, Information, and “The Archive” in Palestine, available to all. 

For more publications, conference participation, and invited talks, go to my CV.

View to East Jerusalem from The City of David National Park